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Credit Counseling Services

Court Approved Credit Counseling Services

The Law Office of Dave Falvey is an officially recognized Federal Debt Relief agency. His office will provide you with effective post-bankruptcy credit counseling that is proven to work in your favor and bring positive results in comparison to the many fly-by-night agencies in existence throughout New London and Norwich Connecticut.

Advice on Choosing a Credit Repair Company

When it comes to working with a credit repair company, we have some strong advice. There is a considerable number of fraudulent or non-accredited companies that claim to provide legal credit counseling but in the end, we’ve found that many of our clients have been duped and scammed by them.

The problem is so widespread that the Federal Trade Commission has been actively putting these companies out of business, especially the ones that make erroneous promises and claims to their clients while adding hidden fees which are usually illegal.

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