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Collection Call Protection

We Stop Collection Callers in Their Tracks

Before declaring bankruptcy, you’ll most likely be receiving many calls from collection agencies or debt collectors. We put these calls to an end. Here in Norwich and across Connecticut there are strict laws with respect to the behavior of collection callers and we ensure they abide by them, or else they will pay a hefty price.

We defend the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is an act that protects debtors from being called aggressively or from generally abusive debt collection practices. The main objective of the act is to help hinder abusive collection practices (i.e. harassing calls to your home or work) and to promote the collection of debts in a fair and legal manner.

It also helps debtors by providing the means to verify debts and a measure that provides debtors an avenue to dispute debt information.

If you’re being unlawfully harassed by a debt collector, There is actually a list of practices that debt collectors but be weary of doing when it comes to collecting debts and Atty. Dave Falvey will ensure that you’re being protected from these actions to the full extent of the law.